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About Me

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
My name is Clare I live in Nottinghamshire and work in education supporting students as my full time job but like to make cards, craft and plan as a hobby. I have recently taken up arigurumi crochet, the perfect autumn/winter hobby. I have also decided after a number of years off to pick up my guitar and learn to play again so due to metal strings and crochet hooks the ends of my fingers are slowly toughening up.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Long Time No See

Hi it has been some time since I added to my blog, over a year in fact....  I tried Facebook for a little while but my personal life then suffered some upheaval so I let that slip too. 

It is now time however to return to blogging and commit time to my crafts. I may need to rename my blog as I do not just do cards any more. I have expanded into decorated MDF plaques, wall art, mixed media pictures and have recently, as in the last two months, taken up arigurumi, after purchasing a Toft kit from Create and Craft.  I don't have children to give these animals too but I think they are so cute, I just decided to make them anyway. 

I still make cards but have gotten heavily into planning (that'll be decorated diaries to the uninitiated). I love that my once boring Filofax now looks colourful and it's still easy to see at a glance what appts. etc I have during the week. Here's a week before I add any appts. 

Sorry the picture is a little dark, it's late and I don't have a daylight bulb in my living room ;-) 

So that's my welcome back to the world, hope you are all enjoying life, I am and I look forward to sharing my crafting with you in the very near future. 

Love n light

Clare x

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