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About Me

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
My name is Clare I live in Nottinghamshire and work in education supporting students as my full time job but like to make cards, craft and plan as a hobby. I have recently taken up arigurumi crochet, the perfect autumn/winter hobby. I have also decided after a number of years off to pick up my guitar and learn to play again so due to metal strings and crochet hooks the ends of my fingers are slowly toughening up.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Goin' to Have A Good Week!!

Last week was a weird week so this week I decided I was going to have a good week. Last night I had Liver & onions (sorry guys if you don't like but I've not had it for ages and I really enjoyed it), after which I did a bit of planning and then watched one of my favourite actors, Liam Neeson, in Taken (again).

This evening has been spent, taking photos and applying for a DT post with a lovely well known (in the planner world) stationery lady (fingers crossed there).

I've had fun decorating next week in my MAMBI Happy Planner using a free printable digital sticker sheet from www.victoriathatcher.com and I love them, so much that I've used them for the last couple of weeks...lol.  I really do need to get myself a cutting machine that does the work of a pair of scissors and my glasses though.

You will note that the pages are pre-pen, I've not got any appts down as yet only a couple of special birthdays.

I've stamped ready to meal plan in the bottom section and am REALLY REALLY looking forward to next Saturday as I am attending (and this will sound geeky to people not in the planner world) the First Annual UK Planner Addicts Big Meet in Birmingham. I am catching a lift with my friend Michelle who is picking me up on her way through Nottinghamshire from Stockton on Tees and am really looking forward to seeing her again too.

I started a little more crochet last so I need to continue with that, I'm doing a White Rabbit to add to my "Mad Hatter Set" (having done the hare and the dormouse) with a plan to do a purple cat to finish the set of animals off. I will not be crocheting the Mad Hatter himself....lol. I'll leave that one to experts.

Any questions on planning, please feel free to comment below and I will answer what I can and ask the experts what I don't know.

Love and Light

Clare x

1 comment:

  1. Great layout Clare I love your planner. Hope you have a great week. Carol xx